Thursday, February 24, 2011

Off-Premise Events

Picture taken by Jonathan Izumi of Izumi Photography.

We'd love to announce our participation in the Off-Premise Dining Club, hosted by Off-Menu Catering!

Off-Premise is a once-a-month intimate event for club members to enjoy a three to five course meal prepared by one of Oahu's finest chefs from restaurants all over the island. The event can be held at either the restaurant itself or at a popular venue location. For the month of March (March 12th to be exact), they will be hosting their social gathering at the Oceanfront Oasis featuring Chef Travis “Ala” Sutton of Le Guignol. Here's the menu for next month's gathering:

Cocktail Menu

Crab and dill canapé with golden caviar aïoli

First Course

Braised artichoke with a sherry gastrique, goatcheese and almonds

Curried quinoa, cucumber and mint salad with Ho farms tomato oil and lemon juice


Chilled lobster cappuccino

Lightly grilled lobster tail with frisée lettuce, fresh tarragon and sauce maltese


Chicken fried veal cheek with truffle scented cream veloute and sauerkraut

Veal tenderloin with a Rosemary, fig and balsamic réduction and parsnip purée


Chocolate mousse with candied pistachio nuts and smoked sea salt

White chocolate, orange and ginger cheesecake

Each event showcases party and decor rentals from Royal Party Rentals and Event Essentials Hawaii to help set the mood for the themes created each month. March's theme calls for, "The Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20s."

To learn more about Off-Premise Events and/or would like to join the Off-Premise Dining Club, contact Kevin Fujinaga of Off-Menu Catering at 808.688.3219 or email him at

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