Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Going traditional but non-traditional on Valentine's Day

February 14th is not only a day where people mark their calendars for love, but about 10% of all Americans mark that day as their "proposalversary" (proposal + anniversary = proposalversary) -and that's according to the 2006 Census Bureau. So not only are we finding out that they calculate that type of statistic, but hello, that WAS five years ago. Maybe that statistic has increased! Though the statistic of how many people get married on Valentine's Day is yet to be determined, we would like to extend some wedding ideas for a V-Day wedding.

If anyone were to ask you to wear Valentine's Day colors, or you were to go to the Valentine's Day gift section at your local grocery store, you'll see lots of red and pink. But what if you wanted your wedding to still represent a Valentine's Day theme without sticking to those colors alone? Here are a couple of ideas to make a traditional V-Day wedding seem non-traditional:

A chic black and white color palette (similar to the damask-like print above) with touches of light pink don't completely hint away your traditional reds and pinks.

"Tiffany blue," or maybe we can say Pacific Aisles blue, is a perfect alternative color for a Valentine’s Day theme wedding. This chic palette offers the same romantic vibe as red and pink, but will make your day stand out from the crowd.

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