Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ribbon Wands

We loved this excerpt from this article titled "Out with the OLD, In with the NEW" from Canada's WeddingBelles Magazine, which reminded me of these gorgeous and festive ribbon wands we custom designed to compliment the colorful palette for Carissa and Mike's Lanikuhonua wedding back in October. What a perfect way to get the party started!


OLD: Rice, birdseed and confetti are messy; flower petals can stain; bubbles are sticky; and we once heard a horror story involving a can of bright pink Silly Spray and a snow-white wedding dress that ended up with an unintentional dye job. The verdict? Sprinkling things on newlyweds as they walk down the aisle just isn’t necessary. In fact, many venues (churches in particular) disallow this practice due to the mess it creates.

NEW: A great alternative is to have guests wave wedding wands (short sticks with ribbons tied to the end) as you take your first steps as husband and wife. They can be colour co-ordinated with your wedding theme, don’t require any cleanup, and create a stunning visual for photos. You can even customize them with your names and wedding date for your friends and family to take home as keepsakes.

Thanks to Maggie at Uncommon Envelope for these gorgeous ribbon wands!

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