Monday, March 1, 2010

Naval Special Warfare Foundation Fundraiser: Inspiraton

A few years ago, my hubby (corporate event strategist at Sterling-Jones) and i were honored to work with the Naval Special Warfare Foundation for the first time to produce their first ever Pearl Harbor fundraising event on the USS (Battleship) Missouri. The event was well attended and deemed a huge success. This year, the fundraiser will take place on 9/11, and we are looking forward to kicking it up a notch for what has now become an annual event!

The Foundation was created to support, among many things, Navy Seals wounded in the field, and to support the families of those Navy Seals who have died in service for our country. This fundraiser, even though seeking to do GOOD and raise funds and awareness, will reflect on the great work that Navy Seals do on a daily basis, but will also be heavy hearted because of the fact of why the Foundation exists. It's our hope that our design will not only be visually stunning, but create a sense of peace and hope to the event, and honor those that the Foundation was created for.

We'll be working with floral designer, Michelle Maeda, of Flowergirls Hawaii, to take our design inspiration below, and design the perfect finishing touches for this event!

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