Saturday, June 13, 2009

Danielle + Arash: Lanikuhonua, Oahu

It's amazing sometimes, what brings couples together, especially when they reside in different cities, on opposite sides of the continent. That was the case for Danielle and Arash, both waiting for a delayed flight that would unexpectedly have them chatting to pass the time away. When their flight was finally ready to board, it was a sure sign when Danielle gave up her First Class seat to sit with Arash, who was traveling in Coach, to continue the conversation they had started hours before... and the rest is history!

So it would only seem fitting that these two would jump on a plane and fly to the Hawaiian Islands for an intimate celebration. Their request list was simple and read:

Gorgeous oceanfront venue
Heartfelt and meaningful ceremony
Authentic Hawaiian slack key entertainment
Amazing photography
Perfect sunset views
Private oceanside table, set for two
Island inspired gourmet dinner

In Arash's own words, they wanted a wedding that was perfectly simple and simply perfect.

It was truly an evening that was perfectly simple and simply perfect.
Congratulations, Danielle & Arash!

Images Courtesy Visionari

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